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Originally Posted by AudioWonderland View Post
The seating and tuning is what I mostly wanted to know about. I saw a youtube vid that shows the the 360's pretty nicely but portrays the Remo's pretty badly. I just seem to think the playing field was not exactly level. I would be interested in others opinions as well. I know the Remo's are not as bad as portrayed here
No, Remos are great heads. I've always been a Remo guy. I'm only using Evans because I'm trying to make an effort to see what else is out there and try other things before I really make my decision on what I like.

Remos will take a little longer to get seated and tuned up, but aside from that, I see no reason to think that they are inferior to Evans equivalents.

I switched from Pinstripes over Ambassadors to G2s over G1s, and the drums really opened up and sang beautifully, but that's a difference between two heads which can't really be fairly compared to one another. I'm thinking about going to G1s over G1s to get even more sustain and resonance.

Evans or Remo, you'll end up with a great head. If your drums are particularly difficult to tune, I would definitely go Evans, but you can still achieve the same result with Remo.
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