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i honestly dont care about chops. i respect more the drum tracks from dazed and confused than some death metal blast beat. i have a couple dream theater albums and i think portnoy is amazing. definatley a solid drummer, creative, and he plays with emotion. although i have to admit his solos are crappy(still 10 times the drummer i am but still). ive seen 3. i saw one from a long time ago when he had long hair. it was just a bunch of crowd pleasers, and i saw one from japan. he brought some people on stage to play with him it was pretty cool. but that solo honestly you just sit around one day in a music store and some guy is bound to come in and play the same stuff he did. it was just dbl kick and 16th note rolls and stuff. and the other one is a solo from a clinic he did. id have to say that is his best one. i belive its on this website

you can find these on you should just go there and type in band names you get a lot of cool stuff i have found a lot of cool drum videos. theres people that post themselves playing dream theater songs. some of em are not that legit because some young kids attempt he songs but there is people out there that play it note for note

but anyways i have the liquid dream theater dvd and he is able to groove really well he also has some really cool fills. o and if you go on the video google site. type in "yellow custard matter". he made a beatles cover band. they covered "while my guitar genly weeps" its really good if you havnt seen it
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