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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

I enjoy the "what if" discussions. I believe that if Moonie had lived, he would have gotten kicked out of The Who during the tour to support Who Are You? The road just held too many temptations. Everyone in the band was fed up with Keith at that point, and I doubt that he would have changed his behavior to keep his job even though he often stated that he was the Who's "biggest fan".

Keith may have cleaned his act up (and he was trying at the time of his death), just because he was getting older. If he cleaned up, I think he would have been a fantastic comedian, maybe even having his own late night talk show.

I don't know how a sober Keith Moon would have sounded with The Who. Their music was changing in the late 70's, and Kenney Jones proved that the new material didn't really require any Keith Moon style drumming. At that point, Pete was saving his best material for his solo projects anyhow. It would have been interesting to see a 55 year old Keith Moon reunite with the rest of the Who for their tours in the early 00's before John died. I think he would've done it, and probably surprised an entire generation who only knew him from "Late Night with Moon".

Anyhow, I think Moonie was a brilliant musician, and impossible to imitate. I especially like his work on Rock n Roll Circus, Who's Next, and Quadrophenia.
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