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The seating and tuning is what I mostly wanted to know about. I saw a youtube vid that shows the the 360's pretty nicely but portrays the Remo's pretty badly. I just seem to think the playing field was not exactly level. I would be interested in others opinions as well. I know the Remo's are not as bad as portrayed here
Good morning:
I have recently changed all my heads to the 360's even though I switched to Evans from Remo years ago. The difference for me is astounding. I have a Mapex Birch with plenty of britghtness and attack, which I love but missed a bit of the midrange offered by Maple. I also tune very high to very low. I now have EC2 frosted (not coated ) batter and EC2 reso on my 10,12 and 13 inch toms. A EC2 Clear batter and EC2 reso on my 16 floor tom. I have a EMAD black on the 22 inch bass drum batter and EQ3 non ported on the reso. Finally, a EC2 with reverse power center disk and 300 reso on an Orion maple 14 inch snare. Due to the impatience of my youth I'm blessed with a weak lower back which makes for a lot of fun when changing the bass drum heads. The fit is SO good that I can change the BD heads in place and not have to worry about uneven fit or tension. Please try them out! I think you'll be impressed. Hope this helps, Jeff
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