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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?

Hello All,
I wanted to shed a little light on the drumstick weight subject. When using a raw material like Hickory, Oak, or maple you are going to get a wide variety of dowels from a tree ranging in weight. This is way we spend so much time carefully sorting by weight and pitch. We are pairing sticks together in a sleeve to be the same weight within 1.5 grams and within a quarter tones of each other. Feel free to check out this video on our manufacturing methods.
@cg2112 Please email me I would like to get you a new pair of 5A's. We have just completely re built our entire manufacturing method. It sounds like you have some old stock.

@jornthedrummer The 5AL is still in the line if you are intrested

@blastbeatkeeper I am so sorry for what you have gone through. Can you write me with your information.
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