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Default Re: Double Pedal Bag?

Oh Snap!!

I think I found an offering that looks very tempting. It is a SKB square, marching snare case!

I bet I could make this thing work. I might be able to fit my DW 9002s in there without having to take much or anything apart. I might have to do some measuring. I could always fill the void with padding or other small items (stickbag or something). But I like the idea of a hard case. Right now. I put them in my medium SKB hardware case. >>

But I fear, over time, even with the pedals wedged into corners of this case, the lateral pressures against the beaters would have an effect on the bearings. I want to get my pedals their OWN case so that they can ride in style and last a while.

This hard case might be the answer.
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