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Default Re: Music for one apartment and six drummers

Originally Posted by tracer View Post
I will never get that 9 and a half minutes back....
Why would people sit through an entire video if they feel they don't like it?
Whenever I read stuff like that (typically on YouTube) I'm always wondering what keeps people from simply stopping a video early and doing whatever they deem better instead. That's what I would do, rather than complaining or watching the entire video.

Yes, you will never get that 9 and a half minutes back - but if you learned something out of this situation (like - nobody is forcing you to watch videos entirely), this video actually did you a favour you can benefit from for the rest of your life.
[*half-kidding/being-somewhat-disappointed-by-people's-lack-of-acting-on-time-instead-of-complaining-afterwards mode off*]
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