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Default Re: best drum rack out there

the rack came today, the delivery company said that they came to deliver it yesterday but no one was home which is complete bull sh*t as i was home all day (some sort of strikes with the teachers) and i was waiting for it too come, it didn't come at all, the company rang today and said that they came at 2 pm yesterday and left a card at my house to say they have been, this card was no where to be found. Any way, luckily the companies office is just down the road from me so i went to pick it up.

when i first opened the box and put it together, the legs were facing inwards (not vertically up right) but somehow i managed to fix it, it is very strong, it came with two multi clamps with memory locks so i have mounted my toms on it.

thanks for the recommendations guys, i love it!
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