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Default Re: Double pedal with a smooth surface?

Originally Posted by supermachoman View Post
thanks for the advice regarding that black part, won't touch it for now. maybe when I'm drunk.
If you remove the black part, your pedal would be unplayable. Not only does it house the bearings, it supports the two shafts that the beaters mount to. Remove the black piece, no housing for the bearings, no support for the shafts, no workie workie for either side.

You want the beaters symmetrical, move the right one over. You want the right beater centered, no more beater symmetry. It is a case of wish in one hand and poop in the other to see what fills up faster.

BTW, trying to deal with disassembling and assembling that black part is a pain in itself. I would advise to NOT do it drunk.
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