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Default Re: UPDATES

As fun as it is playing this monstrosity in its full form, majority of the time I have it as a 4-piece so I can get my ride in a better spot. Pics ahead!

-22x18" Bass Drum
-12x5" Gavin Signature Snare (Not the protean obviously)
-10x8" Tom sometimes replaced by the 12x9" depending on my mood
-16x14" Floor
-13" K Hats
-20" Oriental China Trash
-20" Oriental Crash of Doom
-20" A Custom Medium Ride
-21" A Sweet Ride used mostly as a crash
-Meinl Brushed Steel Cowbell. This thing slays. Such a great cowbell. If you hit the edge you'll get all the cut you need to get through a wall of metal guitars, and playing the top gives you enough sensitivity to blend seamlessly into any latin rythym.

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