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Default Re: Double pedal with a smooth surface?

Originally Posted by supermachoman View Post
Look what the cat dragged in!

(DFP9500, direct drive)

found it used for half the retail price and it doesn't even have a single mark on it, I was quite lucky there. smoothest pedal I've tried....

Lucky guy. I got those fairly recently and already think I'd have a hard time doing without them.

Took a look at mine, and from the factory, the right side beater is tight against the center part that holds the drive link. You've got a big gap in there that could be closed up. Someone must have changed it. Just loosen up the right side beater holder and slide it to the left against the link holder.

About the circled part in your second pic: if you look at the frame from the front or underside, you'll see that it has a reinforcing piece running between the uprights. The circled part is attached to that.
It contains a bearing that the shaft rides on (as well as the bearings on both sides).

You probably could remove it if you disassembled the whole thing, and take the shaft out. But I think you'd lose a fair amount of stability without the center bearing and the attachment to the frame support. Not worth the trade-off, I think.
Plus, if you ever want to use different beaters, they'd probably hit each other.
The beaters on there are pretty narrow, and if I used my regular round felt Yamaha beaters, I'm pretty sure they'd hit.

Great pedals, and you got a good deal on them. Someone must have tried them and decided direct drive wasn't right for them.
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