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Default Re: Alesis SamplePad?

Ya know, a 2nd unit would expand your usable ram, available pads, and would still be less expensive than the Roland! :)

But yeah, it would have been easy and cheap to provide more ram in the first place. Even if the SamplePad ended up being $249 as a result, I don't think anyone would have complained.

I guess this is where I need to confess something... I was consulted on the development of the pad. I specified what most drummers need, and that operation be uncomplicated, since most drummers don't have - nor should they need - the electronics skills of keyboard and guitar players, when what they really want is an all-in-one device where it's easy to assign samples to pads, hit the pads, and make the sounds. Not too much extra tweaking would be needed - that can be done when creating the samples - and the resolution had to be at least CD quality to accommodate the harmonics of cymbals and tambourines, for example. Also needed a pedal input and basic midi capabilities.

Well, they did produce an impressive unit, especially for the price. But it wasn't me that specified the ram. After it was released, we discussed a Pro version of the pad with a few more features, more pads, and definitely more ram. Alas, it has yet to materialize.


* Oh yeah, I also specified the internal sounds on both the PercPad and SamplePad. :)
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