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Originally Posted by earplugguy View Post
This is Don Campbell, inventor of the Earasers. I understand that many retail stores don't want to get caught up in handling product that has body oils on it, and the potential liability therein. The Department of Health may have big issues with that as well. However, we stand behind our product, so much so that if it doesn't live up to all the hype you are reading online, then indeed....we will refund your money that you paid to Guitar Center (or any other retailer) within 30 days of purchase. How is that for 100% No Risk guarantee? I don't think you will find many manufacturers willing to refund monies spent at the retail level, but we want to be your Hearing Protection company for life! If you need anything please call! 1-800-789-6543 I'd be happy to talk with you!
In this day and age, that's pretty cool. I think it is refreshing for someone to believe in their product so much, that they have no problem standing firmly behind it. Good for you sir.

I am a big fan of ear protection. I went to my first loud concert when I was in seventh grade or so, (Metallica). That show introduced me to how loud live shows can get without protection. The SPL's where enough to make my t-shirt move. From there on out, I didn't go to shows or play drums without earplugs.

Currently, I used shooting muffs when practicing and plugs when we play out. I use the muffs because I can easily take them on and off to have a normal conversation about what we are playing. But this might be a nice option.

I am a little concerned about the decibel buffer (19 db) for the Musician's earasers. I am used to using something that blocks about 33 db. If I picked a pair of these up, will it seem quite a bit louder?
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