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Default Re: Single Ply over Double Ply?

When I pick heads I tend to choose a batter based on the general sound I'm wanting, be it open or controlled, warm or cold, etc. and then choose a resonant head that will "color" or reinforce that choice in some way.

One of my favorite combos is pairing a "colder" batter like a G2 or EC2 with a Strata 1000, which brings back some warmth and midrange but keeps the overall sound from getting too muddy. Right now I'm using a clear G2 over Strata on my 10" and 12" toms and I really like that pairing. For me it's a perfect combination of snappy attack, focused tone, and smooth decay with a little more warmth than the usual G2/G1 pairing.

On smaller toms I feel that two-ply heads are a little too hard to excite on the bottom, so they usually just end up making the tom sound boxy.

The only place I've ever liked the sound of two-ply reso heads is on floor toms, but I like two-ply batters on my floor toms too... Right now I'm running an Aquarian Performance II top and bottom on my floor toms.
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