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Default Re: Alesis SamplePad?

I'm surprised it won't accept 22,500 files... mine takes them just fine. As far as mono files, consider that drum and percusion sounds are basically mono sounds, panned as desired, which the unit happily does. I don't think they intended for it to play really lengthy samples, it's a down & dirty all-in-one .wav player at the best price going.

Agreed, it would have been very simple to expand the ram, and that's where the Yamahas and especially the Roland SPD-SX shine. But, you pay a premium for that with them, and have to wade through a lot of features, and a few interesting limitations.

Obviously I have the SamplePad, but for the road, I got the SPD-SX. It's 4x the price, but not likely you'd run out of ram.

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