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Originally Posted by ErNeStIn_182
theres no need for an argument or thats what i think.

does tre do something special on drums? does he do any solo´s? the only good thing ive seen on tre he is kind of fast and has sometimes some god rythms with toms as you can hear on jesus of suburbia.

travis is FAST, creative, cool etc...

is that enough for u? or do i night to argument more? its just my OPINION if u dont respect it its cause you are not educated.
Ok I think travis is kind of a poser transplants you call that PUNK I call it crap ya maybe Tim armstrong is in it but whatever I've heard Tre Cool do a drum solo and I'll tell you when hes not playing punky pop songs he is Amazing Tre cool is also FAST, creative, cool etc... his old stuff on green day is pretty easy but he has some moments when it comes to the toms he is so fast in almost every song on the dookie record hes going crazy with the cymbals and the toms for such a small kit back on the old records thats pretty good Tre Cool deosn't want to impress anybody he just wants to play drums for his band some of you may have not heard Tre play out of green day but if you do you would be surprised since he owns more then a dozen drum kits Travis is good and I've heard travis do his best on drums not very impressive but have you heard Tre do his best on drums untill you do we can start argueing on whos better on drums
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