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Default Re: Alesis SamplePad?

So, I bought the Roland SPD-S used from Guitar Center's website - unfortunately, the store that had it went and sold it to a walk-in customer.
I went and picked up the SamplePad this afternoon, and so far, I'm underwhelmed.

Getting the sounds loaded was pretty simple, so far that's the biggest selling point to me. Apparently, sounds must be 16-bit, 44kHz, mono. 22kHz is advertised, but I can't get those files (the exact same ones that currently load at 44kHz) to work. That's kind of a biggy for me, because I'm using 45 second sound clips - they end up being 4.1M big, which is nothing on my wife's $30 mp3 player, but ends up being severely limiting on the SamplePad.

Also advertised is 14mb of space - but that's not really accurate. For some bizarre reason, the SamplePad rounds up to the nearest megabyte when it calculates file size. So, if I've got 4.1mb sound files, it's counted as a 5mb sound file, which means I can only load two of them (which is exactly what I ran into trying to get the sounds I wanted loaded onto the thing). If I could load 22kHz files, this isn't a big deal, but I'm not able to.

Overall, the unit is cool. It's a great size, seems durable, and comfortable to hit. But the limitations to me are kind of mind boggling, technology being what it is (and as cheap as it is) today. The 14mb limitation is kind of astounding, considering you can get a 1gb thumb drive for $2. I'm not sure why Alesis decided on such a limited amount of space.

I'm going to play with it a little bit more, but I have a feeling it's going back. I just expected it to be a bit more capable for the price.
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