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Default Re: 2box in the USA

Im a happy TD15 owner. But I've been reading so much about the 2Box that I need to try one out. Cant wait to see one in a store. In other forums there's so much talk about how great they are, except I can't seem to get a definite read on the hi hats.

I don't want to(and can't afford to) buy something that I then need to build(or 'Mod' as they call it) a hi hat to get a great playing hat. My vh11 is really good. Does anyone know what's up with the stock hi hat on the 2 box? not the sounds, but the playability.

Is the 2 box that much better than the td15? It's basically the same price as a td15, and the guys on other forums say it's better than a td30. Of course they also say the yamaha 502 is better than the td30. lol.
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