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Default Re: There's Sex Wax Everywhere!!!

Originally Posted by Watters87 View Post
Hi guys, I knew by posting this it was going to bring out the school boys/girls in ya lol.

I actually dont use it anymore but when i did i would only use a small amount where i would hold the stick but it still managed to get all over my cymbals (especially hi hits). i'll try using a hair dryer and wiping it off when it melts as i dont want to put water or soap anywhere near my cymbals
Soap and water will NOT harm your cymbals.JUst use some Dawn Dish soap on a sponge and hot water,and rub it till the wax comes off.Then dry completely with paper towels,and follow up with a soft cloth of micro fabric cloth.Wearing cotton gardening floves will also prevent any finger prints or body oil deposits

Whoever told you that you can't use soap and water on a cymbal is completely incorrect.I've been at this a long time,and I wouldn't give you bad advice.As long as you completely dry the cymbal,there will be no adverse effects or oxidation.

Steve B
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