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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
lol. great posts everybody.

as a chump who reads music at the speed of a glacier i learned led zep parts differently. for rock 'n roll and also the intro fill to bonzo's montreaux i use a method i call ten pennies.
i put on the head phones (to get perfect stereo and sound) and put a pile of ten pennies on the table in front of me. then i play (on the cd - so i'm sitting still and not drumming) the target section of the song (ie the R'nR intro) with my eyes closed. each time i play it i take apenny off the pile.
next i repeat the above exercise but this time i air drum it to get a feel for the limb movement (no feet yet).
then i turn up the bass and treble and drop the mids so i can hear the bass drum as clearly as possible and do that ten times.
then only do i start trying it out on the drums. (after hearing the piece 30 times).
so its in my head by heart and my hands and feet usually follow.

Some serious dedication there, Nutha!! I'd feel like a nap after 3 pennies.
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