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Default Re: Best mics for internal miking

I use a Beta 52 with the MAY system in my kick right now.
I've gotten nothing but compliments from sound guys and I love the way it sounds.
Don't work for recording, but I also don't use the same kit for recording that I do live.

I spent a lot of time watching videos from MAY artists the other day, I don't mind the sound of the toms, but I think I would have to spend some time with tuning and placement to get that sweet spot. Maybe mount the mic near the reso head, but still pointed at the batter, like I do with the kick?

The one thing that I know across the board is not to do this on the snare!
I have met a few guys who use an internal 57 on the snare and it always sounds bad.

I'm going to keep my eyes open for more D4's and kick drum mics online. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some cheep ones.
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