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Default Re: Atlas mount: good and bad!

I gotta check out your kit sometime John.

I'd tune it up/tweak while it's mounted. It shouldn't sound "worse" than a regular small mount on the tom.
Sounds great on the tom at H&B. It's a very lively sound (as you probably heard at the shop)

Pretty sure I have a 14" RIMS if you want to try it out though.

For people who have not seen these mounts--The mount is on two "screws" but they are actually nice sized bolts, with lock nuts, and larger washers to keep everything secure.
I was using one for my cowbell, but I moved it to use for my ride. They show two mounts and a rod for mounting the ride, but I haven't had an issue just putting the ride cymbal mount off of just the one (with a 24" ride) with the "usual" L-rod deal.
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