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Default Re: Puresound Pro Custom Snare wires

I have a few sets of these Pro Customs on snares--6.5 Acro, & 2 Brass 6.5 BB's is what I can recall ATM.
Regular steel wire model.
They sound good, and they sit nice and flat on the head. That crimped angled end works real well.
They've performed well at all volume levels, and are sensitive (can respond with a fingernail tap).
I used the strap at first, and it worked easily, and fine with the clip deal, but I just like the sound of cord better.

I am trying out some Fat Cat (Classic 20 with pitch) steel wires right now on a couple drums. Pretty bright all around, so I may put them on the Acro to liven that one up a little. It does sound good with the Custom Pros though. The Fat Cat wires were a little too lively on the Supralite snare.

Let me know what you think of the Brass wires compared to Steel. If they have a tiny bit warmer tone, I might like them on the Supralite.
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