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Default Re: One book which changed your life

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
From what I remember, the Fountainhead's core principal regarding the arts is: don't do what you have to do to make a living, do what you want to do even if you starve doing it.

No thanks. And you're right, Rand was a very nasty whack job.
My take away was that it's better to take a day job to keep from starving than to compromise your aesthetic sense if you have one.

Case in point - after many years of making great records and wowing audiences with The Dregs and Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstien decided it would be a good idea to take the Winger gig, swapping out his trademark big smile and tie-dye shirts for big teased up hair and surly sex-god facial expressions, all at the specific direction of the marketing dept, but he went along with it.

Sure, he got paid alright, but I'd say his "brand" took a huge hit and that move did him more long term harm than good. Plus now he has to live down having played in one the most egregiously awful corporate shit-rock bands in history.

All for what, money? No thanks.
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