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Default Re: Drumnetics, anyone???

I don't want to throw out info that is premature, but Mike has decided to go down the path of making the pedal himself (CNC machine, etc), and hopefully the pedals will be available in the very near future, through Drumnetics, as has been the case thus far.

Mike is very particular about his pedals. He's had the parts made by various shops and then puts it together himself, and often does things above and beyond just assembly to make sure each pedal functions exactly as he wants it to.

Now he will have total control over all aspects of the design and manufacture of it, which will make a huge difference for him in quality control, etc.

I'm still loving my converted Nucleus 3's to the newer axle magnets design of the 3XF.

I hope things go well for him and he gets these devices under the feet of thousands of drummers.
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