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Default Re: Best mics for internal miking

The problem with most drummers who use internal mics is that they do not take the time to find the best position for the mics in the drums. I finally did this a couple years after having mine and I found that the best position was pointed at the bottom head. A year later, Modern Drummer tested a bunch of May mics and found the same thing, the mics sounded better pointed at the bottom heads.

Keep in mind that unless you drill the shells, you'll have the same sound unless you open the drum and move the mic. For live its great, for studio work, it can be a hinderance.

There are ways to mount the mics with using MayEA mics. A guy on another forum mounted a PG set in his kit and I like the way they sound.

I mounted EV408's in my toms and D112's in the floors and kicks. Haven't looked back.

Tommy Aldridge had May's in his kit on the Whitesnake DVD. They sounded like innertubes. He also had the mics pointing right at the top heads.

Nick, feel free to pm me with questions or for more info....
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