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Default Re: 20 inch head suggestions

Originally Posted by RickH View Post
I recently purchased a set of PDP Concept Maples with a 20" kick. I love the drums, but I'm having a little trouble getting a big deep sound out of the kick. I have an Aquarian ported reso head on the front. On the batter side I've tried an Emad, Superkick, and my latest combo (by recommendation) is a Remo pinstripe with the Remo Muffl's ring control system. I'm trying not to put anything inside the drum...
If you want a "big deep sound" why are you using muffled heads and considering stuffing the drum? For the biggest, deepest sound, you want your drum as "open" as possible, tuned well with unmuffled heads and unported. Maybe try an unported front head with your batter head choices. Maybe do coated Ambassadors for both heads, or Fiberskyns if you want less sustain. For a "classic" big deep sound, you can't beat a pair of Ambassadors with felt strips.
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