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Default Re: Head suggestions for 20" Kick

I too messed w/a few head combos, on my Yamaha MCAN 20" x 16". Had a Yamaha/Remo factory batter head, and later, an Aquarian Superkick II, before settling on an Evans EMAD. Still have the factory Remo reso which has a 4" port. The piece d'resistance however, was going back to an old Ludwig Speed King hard felt beater, which gave me that much more umph to the stroke, and allowed the heads and the 7 ply maple to fully vibrate, vs. the flat felt small side beaters which come with many modern pedals, including DW, Pearl and the Tama Iron Cobra these days. I also use a Carvin kick drum mic, which was relatively inexpensive ($70), and a small pillow, which I place lengthwise on the bottom of the drum from back head to front. The pillow is optional, of course, but I like a slightly muffled sound. The above combo allowed me to finally achieve a much deeper, and fuller sound, which suits our repertoire (old school rhythm and blues) just fine, though it's never going to be "big hair" rock kick deep. Listen to Sam & Dave, Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, and you won't hear that kind of sound. With a decent PA and EQ however, we can dial it in as deep as we want. Tune JAW on both sides, and don't hesitate to retune, if it sounds out of whack. Good luck, but remember the beater is half the battle. UPDATE-Picked up a DANMAR hard felt beater head (8/14), which is lighter, yet a bit more solidly constructed. They're out of Anaheim, CA, and available via many better drum shops. Sweet.
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