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Default Re: Best mics for internal miking

Originally Posted by masonni View Post
Looking for some suggestions on internal mics.

I've been using a Beta 52 w/ the May internal mic system for many years now.
I love it, and it has and always will be a staple in my live performance.

For some time now I have wanted to install internal mics in my Toms, but I am at a loss as to what mics to use. Currently I own 2 Audix D2's and an Audix D4.
I was going to use the D2's in my 10" & 12" Toms and the D4 for my 16" Floor. (respectively getting a nother D4 for my 14" and maybe a D2 for my 13")

Randy May (founder of the May mic company) suggested that I use D4's in all of my rack toms and use kick mics in my Floors.
Not a bad idea, but it's expensive. I would have to buy 2 more D4's and 2 Bass Drum mics... lot-o-$ I don't have.

Wondering what the pros/cons would be to using the D2's I already have in the toms.
I'm thinking 10" & 12" get D2's, 13" gets a D4 and then maybe two inexpensive kick mics for the 14" & 16", but that leaves the question as to what kick mics?

Would a Shure PG52 or Audix F series be a good move?

Beta 52's and most standard kick mics (D112, D6, etc) are out of the budget at the moment. But I have found plenty of inexpensive bass drum mics online.
Good bargain to use as internal mics or not?
i have both the Beta 52 and the PG 52. i have not used either in live performance, but recording-wise i prefer the PG 52 for bass drum. i prefer the Beta 52 for bass guitar cabinet.

it seems to me that the PG 52 seems more focused. it's fuller and thus more punchy (but only if you want it punchy). the Beta 52 is more open (to my ears) and therefore does not catch the punch that the PG 52 does.

i have the whole PG 6 mic kit and i will say that i like it fine. i like the tom mics and bass drum mic. i prefer large condenser mics but the small conderser PG81's are ok.

it may be cheaper to pick them up individually and just get what you need. if you just get as many tom mics as you need and the PG 52 bass mic and skip the PG81 condensers you'll save a bit right there.

i have not used the PG kit internally but i think they would make a great choice for experimentation.
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