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Ha! old thread indeed.

Great to hear Buddy is still playing. There is something cool about seeing great players in small quiet places when only you know who it is playing!

Had a similar experience in Stockholm a year or two ago. Small little jazz club on the outskirts of the town center with a local Jazz band playing who were very good when in walks Herbie Hancock! No one really batted an eyelid but me and my friend immediatley recognized him. He was apparently playing in the big hall in the city that weekend and I think he knew one of the players in the band so sat down to watch. It was quite cool watching the band with Heribie Hancock doing the same on the table opposite with only 15 or so others!

My Friend talked to him after but I thought he looked like he just wanted to chill out in a quiet place as a regular member of the public for a change!

Thought this was quite funny continuing from the vid I posted years (!) ago:
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