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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

You know, I had a drum teacher who would be listening to a song he knew in the car, singing along. He would get out, fill up with gas go pay and then come back to his car, switch back on his engine and he would be in the EXACT place the song was, and that is no exaggeration... I saw him do it.

What is this you may ask? Freak of nature? No... His time was impeccable. Working with a click isn't just about hitting the points signified by the click, it's understanding the space between the notes too.

I always find singing common subdivisions between the click help me understand slow tempos, or tempos where I have decided to have the 1 mark the beginning of lets say the 5th bar. For example sixteenths.

1 e + a 2 e+ a etc

Increasing the subdivision, helps you mark time and keep the tempo in your head.

Time Awareness for all Musicians by Peter Erskine is a great book to help you work on time keeping. Remember, the click always should be used as a reference point. I used to have the click mark this skip note in a jazz ride line only... That was HARD, but it helped me understand what time is... It's about the SPACES and making them even.

Just take it slow and really get to the bottom of what the click is doing. Practice everything with the click. You will scream, throw your sticks, punch the cymbal sometimes... But keep at it and sooner or later every sound engineer or producer will be saying "That was TIGHT" A trick I got taught, with a 4/4 click, if you can't actually hear the click any more, you're bang on the beat.

Good luck dude!
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