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Default Re: Roc n soc nitro or tama 1st chair round top?

It arrived today.

Well, from the reviews I read I had high expectations. It's pretty nice, definitely a step up from my dixon. My double bass playing was better today with the new throne but I don't know if it's the throne or just day to day variance in my playing. I don't really understand the physics of balancing on a throne but something feels a bit better. It does have a tiny bit of wiggle and rattle when you lean on one side of the seat, which I really didn't want but I'm trusting that this is the best quality and it's not going to loosen up over time and get all leany on me.

Hmm my lower back actually tingled a bit tonight but I'm gonna say that this is because the different cushion is making me sit differently (properly?) and I'm using different muscles.

No regrets.
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