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Default Re: Looking for 1-1/2" tube lugs

Originally Posted by porter View Post
Great product but terrible service IMO. I have a kit with a bunch of mini tubes and it took them about 4 weeks to get to me after I ordered, wasn't given any info after the order confirmation until I asked, and they screwed up the lengths of tension rods I asked for.

But a seriously great product, if you're willing to deal with that.
I had essentially the same experience. Ordered a bunch of mini tubes, and didn't get so much as a confirmation email. I was worried that they weren't doing business anymore, as the site hasn't been updated in years, so I called. They assured me they received the order and I would see them in a couple of weeks. It was about 2-3 weeks for me. They got everything right, thankfully. Though, I only took that kit to a few gigs, and the powder coat is already chipping off of some of the lugs.

On a side note, they should include a little bottle of loctite with their lugs. I had issues with my screws falling out inside the drum, because the threads were just too smooth. They'd work their way out over time. I took each screw out, and put a drip of super glue on the threads and put them back in. Haven't had a problem since.

Also, they should tap out the threads before shipping their product. After the powder coating, it seems there was some residue left in the threads of the lugs, and some of them are a bit sluggish, but I'm just nitpicking at this point.
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