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Default Best mics for internal miking

Looking for some suggestions on internal mics.

I've been using a Beta 52 w/ the May internal mic system for many years now.
I love it, and it has and always will be a staple in my live performance.

For some time now I have wanted to install internal mics in my Toms, but I am at a loss as to what mics to use. Currently I own 2 Audix D2's and an Audix D4.
I was going to use the D2's in my 10" & 12" Toms and the D4 for my 16" Floor. (respectively getting a nother D4 for my 14" and maybe a D2 for my 13")

Randy May (founder of the May mic company) suggested that I use D4's in all of my rack toms and use kick mics in my Floors.
Not a bad idea, but it's expensive. I would have to buy 2 more D4's and 2 Bass Drum mics... lot-o-$ I don't have.

Wondering what the pros/cons would be to using the D2's I already have in the toms.
I'm thinking 10" & 12" get D2's, 13" gets a D4 and then maybe two inexpensive kick mics for the 14" & 16", but that leaves the question as to what kick mics?

Would a Shure PG52 or Audix F series be a good move?

Beta 52's and most standard kick mics (D112, D6, etc) are out of the budget at the moment. But I have found plenty of inexpensive bass drum mics online.
Good bargain to use as internal mics or not?
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