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Default Pearl Demonator pedals

I haven't seen much mention of the Pearl Demonator double pedals on here (searched and only found 3 brief mentions of em). Does anyone whose used them have any opinions on them? Any quality issues? Someone on another forum posted that they had to return a pair due to serious side to side play at the heel joint. I haven't read any other reports of that, but in general there doesn't seem to be a ton of talk of them online. I have a chance to pick up these double pedals for $140 (USD) this week and am considering going for it.

In reading about them, I like the idea of a longboard (I tend to play closer to the heel on regular size pedals, so I get the feeling longboards could be for me), like the interchangeable cam, have heard good things about the Z-Link shaft, and, most of all I suppose, like the price ($180-$200 is my limit right now). I've had to return/sell off the last 2 used pedals I've picked up due to worn out parts, so I'm pretty set on buying new and making sure I have a warranty I can rely on. I buy pretty much all of my gear used, but I'm having a rare lapse in my faith in used gear, feeling the urge to buy a fresh, pristine budget model over a road-worn and warranty-less Eliminator or IC. I've always played on single chain pedals (and never broken a chain) so I'm not especially turned off by the single chain... I imagine the longboard would make for a more significant change in feel than a double chain anyways.

I know my feet have to be the judge, but I just want to make sure there isn't anything to be too weary of that my naive feet won't notice in the store. So I'd love to hear any and all opinions from folks who own them or have played them. Thanks!

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