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Originally Posted by kverulant View Post
Hello! I'm planning to record my drums and since I'm completely unexperienced of which mics to get, and what cheap&working interface to get, I was really hoping that you guys could suggest some.

My setup will be a snare, bass, tom and floor tom, a ride and a crash.

And I'm also working on a very small budget, but bring me your favourite mics, thanks!
Get a used focusrite interface on ebay for a few hundred $.
Kick: D6, D112, PR40, beta 52, md421
Snare: i5, sm57
overheads: Sm81's, Nt2a's, AT4040, look for large diaphragms on ebay - cheap.
Toms (not necessary): Audix f2/D2/D4, sennheiser e604, sm57, md421
Dw, PDP, Sabian, Roland
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