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Default Re: Odd-time songs that sound natural

Listen to the hippies!

The Grateful Dead's "Estimated Prophet" from Terrapin Station is in 7/8:

Or depending on how you count it, it could be 7/4. When I first really listened to it, I found it easier to first count over it to 14 (8+6) and then break it into natural subdivisions with pick-up notes.

The Dead's "Playing in the Band" is in 10/8:

The Beatles' "All You Need is Love". *If I counted it right*: The main verse ("Nothing you can do that can't be done..." has 2 bars of 7/4, 1 bar of 8/4 followed by 1 bar of 7/4. You could count it as a 29 beat cycle. Then the next ("All you need") is in 4/4 for 6 bars and 1 bar of 6/4 (30 beat cycle) before repeating the whole chorus:

Again, these are songs that I used to listen to without ever considering that they were in odd time. The rhythm seemed to follow natural phrasing and melody rather than deliberately marking the first note of each subdivision.

(My apologies to Jeremy Bender as I had the browser open and posted just after him)
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