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Default Re: Drum set mics

Never mind the pre-packaged kits. You'll want a kick mic, a snare mic, and at leat one overhead, preferably two. Snare mic is easy: SM57. I've used other mics that were better than a SM57 on a given snare, but the Shure can produce a useable sound on any snare, every time.

Kick: the usual suspects all work. Consider a RE20/EV20, or the cheaper Heil PR40, and you'll have a mic for vocals, cabs etc as well. I like the D6 a lot for agressive sounding applications, but it's not fun to get more organic sounds out of it. I love the old ATM25s, but they aren't a bargain any more.

Overheads: SP B1s will do in a pinch, MXL603s and Oktava MK012s are well-weathered and highly moddable staples. A couple of used SM81s are never a bad way to go.
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