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Default Re: Bass drum patches

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Certain patches do affect the sound somewhat, but they were originally intended for protection where the beater strikes.

Back in the day, a piece of moleskin was used to help protect the head. Ss harder beaters and harder playing became more prevalent, more resilient synthetic patches became popular.

There are a few tricks involving 'patches' that do noticeable affect the sound though. One is to take a piece of a separate head, and tape it where the beater strikes so that there's about a 1/4" gap between the piece and the batter. This creates a nice slap without affecting how the pedal feels. Another trick involves taping a thin piece of wood or a coin (a US 50 piece when they were readily available) to get extra attack and 'cut', both acoustically and in the studio.

I use a Dr. Scholl's moleskin patch that's about 2x3 inches with a vintage soft Ludwig beater (wool?). It adds fantastic punch and warmth - it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.
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