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Default Re: Odd-time songs that sound natural

Originally Posted by Jammin' Jamin 2112 View Post
I feel like some bands (*cough* Dream Theater *cough*) try to use odd-time signatures just for the sake of using them. The measures come out sounding unnaturally abbreviated or prolonged. It just sounds like forced prog jamming.
There are definitely parts of Dream Theater's music that sound jilted and don't blend well at all. However at the same time they can blend differing time signatures and change keys totally seamlessly.

One song that comes to mind where they do all of this in a matter of minutes is Breaking all Illusions from their ADToE album. The whole beginning is a mess of different time signatures all crammed together in a pattern that repeats itself (paying homage to the song "Learning to Live" off of I&W) and then it gets in to the first verse at 1:35 where they go 7/8 to 6/8 to 5/8 to 7/8 and repeat this pattern seamlessly over and over again until they get to the bridge (if you can call it that...). So Dream Theater obviously does things for reason. If they wanted the time signatures to blend they would write the song to do that. When they don't, they write the song so the time signatures smash in to each other.

A great example of odd time signatures that all blend together so well would be Gavin Harrison's "19 Days." It goes 7/8, 7/8, 5/8 and repeats for the whole song. If you aren't counting you will get lost in the timing. Also, you don't have to count to enjoy the song. You can just listen to its awesomeness and pay no attention to the timing.

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