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Default Re: Odd-time songs that sound natural

Originally Posted by poika View Post
Almost any song by Soundgarden!
Matt Cameron is a beast when it comes to this, he just floats over these complex time arrangements, making it seem like the most natural thing.
It doesn't even sound like odd-time, it just sounds like music
Originally Posted by Choasmaster View Post
You can say that again brother
I concur. Matt Cameron is always the first guy to come to mind when discussing odd-time that feels straight. Spoonman, New Damage, Mailman, Face Pollution and many others come to mind.
Besides Lateralus, Danny Carey makes a lot of other Tool songs sound even. Take Flood, the Patient, Jimmy and many others songs with odd time thrown in. It's one thing to be able to play odd-time signatures, but it takes that extra level of "feel" to pull it off sounding more natural and not like odd time.
I think one aspect that helps odd-time music feel straight is writing around the guitar riffs, without being concerned where the end of the measure is. A lot of prog players seem to write with the time signature in mind, rather than writing for the sake of how the music comes out.
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