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lol. great posts everybody.

as a chump who reads music at the speed of a glacier i learned led zep parts differently. for rock 'n roll and also the intro fill to bonzo's montreaux i use a method i call ten pennies.
i put on the head phones (to get perfect stereo and sound) and put a pile of ten pennies on the table in front of me. then i play (on the cd - so i'm sitting still and not drumming) the target section of the song (ie the R'nR intro) with my eyes closed. each time i play it i take apenny off the pile.
next i repeat the above exercise but this time i air drum it to get a feel for the limb movement (no feet yet).
then i turn up the bass and treble and drop the mids so i can hear the bass drum as clearly as possible and do that ten times.
then only do i start trying it out on the drums. (after hearing the piece 30 times).
so its in my head by heart and my hands and feet usually follow.

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