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Default Re: Double Pedal Bag?

Originally Posted by Road Bull View Post
Wake up sleepy thread!

So JasperGTR,

What did you end up going with? That Gator bag looks interesting. I feel the same way about double pedal tear down as you I believe. Less to do is better. I also like taking care of my equipment.

I have some DW 9002 double pedals that I usually end up taking the bar off, and breaking down into three pieces. I would prefer to keep them safe and fully ready to go though.

How is whatever you are using working?
lol! I ended up going with a Samsonite duffle bag (wayyy oversized, but was buried in my luggage closet). It is relatively cheap, but meets 2 out of my 3 criteria (can be carried with one hand, without pedals being flexed in any direction - and protects from the rain).
Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
I did a quick search at 'the store that shall not be named' and found a sports bag that measures 36" x 14" x 8" for under $30.
lol! Please share (PM would be fine).
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