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Default Re: Google Glass expanding into music

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Then we merge with machines, and are subjected to artificial happiness as our earnings are stolen from us lol. Just like you foretell, O sage-like one.
I should never have given you the script!

The top 0.1% is a great big money Hoover so our earnings get stolen from us anyway, happy glasses or no happy glasses.

Apart from the futurism side of things, if I'm reading right it will result in remote jamming ...

'... ... he has used them for long-distance collaborations. "I've done a couple things with a couple of my guys in Europe. I can actually see the fingering on a guitar player — 'why don't you move that to a half-step up?'" he says. "It's the closest thing we can have to being in the same room. To be hands-free to scratch on a turntable or play percussion allows me to do so much more."'

The spoon is real, James. Just use it wisely - better Muesli than Coco Pops.


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