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Default Re: Alesis SamplePad?

Originally Posted by cg2112 View Post
In the same vein, thoughts on the Roland SPDS?
The only downside I see is that it appears that I need to sample sounds directly to the unit - so instead of putting .wav files on a memory card, I need to plug my phone, or computer, or whatever, into the unit and record the sound. An extra step, but not that much of a burden.
No that's not true. And like Bermuda said, the overwhelming majority of SPD-S users out there (I'm one) use samples that are imported in via memory card, often after manipulation and tweaking in a sound editing program or DAW.

With an SPD-S you use Compact Flash cards to store extra sounds or bring over sounds to import into the (very small) memory of the SPD-S. Unfortunately the SPD-S will only recognize 512mb on a CF Card even if it has more capacity. However you can have more than one CF card you switch out with the unit. You have to buy a USB card reader/writer to transfer audio between the computer and the SPD-S but they are relatively inexpensive.
Unless you are trying to use backing tracks, most drum and percussion samples as well as loops take up very little memory so the limited size of cards is not usually a factor.

I've never used the sampling on the fly feature using a mike or CD or anything else. It might be handy for some kind of spontaneous thing but.....not the norm.


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