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Default Re: Early 80's Ludwig Restoration Complete

Mendozart, the pics are great and I've been admiring your Blaemires for awhile now. I've been gigging my all original Luddy 3-plys (13", 16", 24") lately and decided I wanted something a little more manageable and less valuable.

I love the Ambassador X over Clear Ambassador. I've tried every Remo and Evans head combo and I like that one the best. Punchy and deep with good durability. I would play Ambassadors over Ambassadors but they dent pretty easily and these are a great compromise. I've been playing them off and on for a few years and no dents yet. I also like the Clear CS over Clear Ambassador and have been going back and forth between the two lately. I wish they made the Ambassador X in Clear, that would be the ideal head.

Below are a few clips from a few years back when the Ambassador X first came out. They were both recorded on my Sony handicam with the internal mic. The drums are completely unmiced and they seem to cut through pretty well from my seat.

Let me know if that helps you any?
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