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Default Re: Roland vs Yamaha vs Alesis?

I use Roland gear, but Yamaha makes nice stuff too. Most of the magic in electronic kits are in the module, so most people say to buy the best module you can afford. If that means you get a Roland TD-11k vs a used Roland TD-9KX2, well, this may be the way to go. As someone who owns a TD-30KV (and a lot of add-on's) I may be biased towards Roland, but I gave the Yamaha DTX line a good long look before deciding on Roland. In the end I felt the TD-30 was better than Yamaha's DTX-900 module.

I still think Roland's offerings are a bit better than Yamaha, but there are many who believe the new DTX-502 module is the second coming of Christ. I don't see it, but its all in the eye of the beholder I suppose.
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