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Default Re: Trying to get a wide variety of sounds

I've always come at it from a tuning stand point. As many here know, I try all kinds of heads and when I go to play, I always sound the same. I don't know what it is with me, but everybody seems to like my sound and nobody else seems to notice that there always made with different heads!

But what it sounds like to me that you're looking for?

Black dots.

They're clear, you can get a nice deep tone, but you get slightly less attack because of the dot. Put the black dot on top, and a clear ambassador as the bottom. And practice tuning - that whole "even tension" idea is valid, but no, you don't need silly products like the DrumDial to get it.

Listen to some Tony Williams and see if you like that sound. He used black dots top and bottom, and he sounded great.
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