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Default Re: Early 80's Ludwig Restoration Complete

Nice job Chris! You did a great job and I love all the mods. We have similar tastes, as I use the DW 6000 stands and like using DW components (12.7 L-arms/mounts). I used a DW "fish" plate that comes on their piccolo toms, and modded a RIMS mount. I too play alot of unmiced gigs, so I try to keep a full bass drum reso. I picked up a 1/2" hole punch from a "diemaker" company, and punch holes in my resos, as needed. Here's a pic of my Blaemire bass drums, with Ludwig hardware, and vented resos. I also use felt strips as needed.

BTW, I really love the AmbX heads on my snares, but haven't tried one on the toms. Can you give me your opinion/results with them on the toms. Also, if you don't like that I've posted pics in your thread, let me know and I will delete them. BTW, killer Dunnett snare!
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