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Default Re: Head suggestions for 20" Kick

i struggled for at least 2 years on a combo for my custom 20" (Keller -- african mahog / birch / maple rings) Fortune Drums BD. i bought the kit for big band and jazz so worked for a long time trying to get that ultimate "jazz sound" (wide open). i tried a bunch of batters: single ply coated, PS3 coated, Fyberskin (ambass) w/ a ported front reso head...smooth white single ply Remo. the combo i lived w/ the most was coated PS3 batter / Fyberskyn reso (no hole). pretty nice tuned med-high. somehow in my head, i thought this jazz sound must be single muffling, etc.

my current combo blows all of them out of the water: my bud suggested a single ply evans EMAD and it changed the drum completely. batter is single ply coated evans EMAD w/ a smooth white PS3 Remo batter (no hole!). this PS3 has a thin inner ring. no hole is kinda a big deal here & makes tuning much better.

tuned high w/ just the EMAD tray (no muff ring), it sounds great for jazz. even w/ the thin ring...fine. nice "tom" tone out of the BD but deep. i run it medium tight w/ thin ring for 70s Funk & it is INSANE. Balkan fusion w/ polkas & 2-beats...INSANE. same w/ singer songwriter or country. i bet Maple will sound equally nuts. mine is a 20 x 15 Mahog / Birch, so when i tune it low-ish w/ the thick ring...just magic. put the tea towels on the toms & go Ringo.
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